Oil Fired Water Heaters

John Wood series of oil-fired water heaters includes models for virtually every application from a single family home to a multi-unit resort hotel.

  • General Features:
    • Factory-installed nipples for easy installation
    • Glass-lined inner tank
    • Sacrificial magnesium anodes
    • Immersion-type aquastat with an integral high limit safety cut-off
    • Ceramic fiber combustion chamber
    • Factory installed drain valve
  • Center-Flue Residential Models:
    • CFC-free foam insulation
    • Front access to T&P valve
  • Center-Flue Commercial Model:
    • Multi-flue design for fast recovery
    • Multi-flue design for fast recovery
    • Front access to T&P valve
  • Rear-Flue and Combo-Flue Residential Models:
    • Heavy-duty fiberglass insulation
  • Direct Vent Residential Model:
    • Vents directly to the outside through the wall with 5', 10' or 20' flexible vent kit
    • Efficient Beckett AFG burner with pre-purge and post-purge
    • CFC-free foam insulation
    • Sealed combustion chamber eliminates backdraft vapors

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Model IDModel NameTank
1st Hour
Rating Gal.
90dF Rise
28779JWF307 32CF - Resid.0.7590.0110920.60620x52.75172
28780JWF50750CF - Resid.0.75106.01061070.55622x60.5214
28781JWF657 63CF Commercial1.25168.5163143na626x68.75379
28782JWF307V 32CF- Res. DV0.6590.0110920.60620x52.75172
28783JW31730Rear - Combo0.75106.01501070.62624x61230
28784JW517 50Rear - Combo0.85119.0147123na728x66352
28785JW71770Rear - Combo1.00138.5na143na732x69.75455
  • 6 year limited warranty on steel tank (single family residential installations)
  • 3 year limited warranty on steel tank (commercial installations)
  • 1 year limited warranty on other parts